Vampychick’s POV on Life quotes

These are quotes to make your day… When you feel everything is messed up and the world will collapse. People tend to search for this hashtag #lifequotes . I can tell this has been very effective for me. Not sure with others. Because every people has different point of view on things, articles even movies. Point is all of us should be very open on positivities. We always rant that life is not perfect. But let me ask you, is there a person that


has a perfect life? No one! I bet even the richest and perfect good looking man on earth has ups and downs. We need to embrace the reality that problems and sadness is part of our lives. What we have to do is to believe that “Everything will be alright”. Its the kind of positivity you need for you to keep on moving forward. Do not dwell on negativities. #lifequotes are there to guide and inspired us same with the people who loves us! Stay motivated and hopeful!

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