A happy tummy while being healthy!

To all veggie lovers! ❤❤❤

Squash and string beans ginataan!

Cooked by a good friend, and can pass as a chef!


Do you want a happy tummy while losing weight? If yes this meal is for you!  No meat just veggies and you can add shrimps if you want.  Achieving a great and healthy bod is easy to have as long as you know how to play the rules!

1. Dont starve yourself to death. It will only hurt your metabolism and body.

2. Have a happy tummy while eating the right food.

3. Drink plenty of water! Water is your new BFF.

4. Explore new healthy recipes that you can eat daily.

5. Don’t ditch dark chocolates!

6. Exercise and live a happy life

Do this daily and i bet you’ll have a gorgeous bod in 1 month . ☺

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