Let’s have a cup of tea!

Coffee or tea? Fresh juice or soda? People have different taste when it comes to what to drink or whats healthy and not.

Studies conducted around the world have shown that tea drinking might protect against such serious diseases as strokes, cancer, and heart disease, as well as boost memory, immunity, stress relief, skin health, and weight loss.

There are many kinds of tea but mint tea is my favorite. Also i tried the Moroccan mint tea at Museum Cafe in Greenbelt 4 and it really taste good and gives you a soothing sensation.

Mint, you see, is something of a wonder herb. Not only is it superb at cooling down the body and a defense against the heat but it also clear up skin disorders like Acne.


Museum Cafe is located in Greenbelt 4, just across Ayala Museum. Very nice crowd, nice music at night  and the service is really excellent!