DWEET bar and resto! Lets drink and tweet! 😛

Looking for a nice place to eat with your friends , family or special someone? Nothing beats the feeling of discovering new restos that makes you rave about the food  and leaves you wanting for more. I discovered a persian resto  somewhere in Makati. Its DWEET bar! It means drunk and tweet! Unique name plusContinue reading “DWEET bar and resto! Lets drink and tweet! 😛”

A happy tummy while being healthy!

To all veggie lovers! ❤❤❤ Squash and string beans ginataan! Cooked by a good friend, and can pass as a chef! Do you want a happy tummy while losing weight? If yes this meal is for you!  No meat just veggies and you can add shrimps if you want.  Achieving a great and healthy bodContinue reading “A happy tummy while being healthy!”